Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Paddle Board, Canoe & Kayak Rack for Your Dock


This easy-on, easy-off Paddle Board & Kayak Rack will have you on your way in minute and makes storage a cinch.


Elastic straps connect in seconds and securely tie down boards & kayaks

The new rack for storing canoes and kayaks has support bars with PVC tubes making it easy for one person to pull the canoe onto the rack. The adjustable support poles allow the rack to be placed in water depths up to 42″.
*Not Available for Sectional or Floating Docks

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dock Furniture

Relax on the Water With FLOE"S Aluminum Dock Furniture

FLOE’s dock furniture includes 2 sturdy swivel/rocking chairs with foot rest and table with drink holders & umbrella hole (umbrella not included). This furniture – with its maintenance-free sling fabric and aluminum frame – is great for entertaining and relaxing on the water. Styles and colors of chairs may vary

Friday, June 10, 2016

6 Reasons why more people buy FLOE modular roll-in aluminum boat docks than any other in the world!
Roll In Docks
  1. Gorgeous shorefront appeal
  2. Rock solid stability
  3. Easiest to level
  4. Modular design
  5. Easiest to install and remove
  6. For 33 years, FLOE’s quality and innovation have been and continue to be the benchmark for the dock and boat lift industry

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Houseboat Magazine

FLOE CRAFT: Coming Near You

Check out the revolutionary new design

Published online: Mar 23, 2016 NEWS
As the year starts picking up speed and we all gear up to enjoy another blissful season of houseboating, we’ve seen some beautiful designs come to light for anyone in the market for a new houseboat. This, however, is something we can honestly say we’ve never seen before. You might not know it yet, but Wayne Floe has had a vision brewing for over 15 years, and it will add a new dynamic to the industry that will rock your world. And, you’ll be excited to know, the FLOE CRAFT is very close to being a reality.
What exactly is the FLOE CRAFT? It’s a revolutionary boat crafted to meet six key elements that Wayne originally designed, including climate control, easy operation/maneuverability, expanded livable comfort, a hull with exceptional performance, easy boarding, and an over-all design that has everyone wanting to spend their time onboard.
The FLOE CRAFT enables you to extend your boating season thanks to its 11-foot power-retractable roof and 12-foot power side windows, so you can enjoy the breeze and sun until the clouds roll in or the wind picks up. With a touch of a button, you can have an enclosed place to relax in with heat or air conditioning.  
“We believe we are the first fully-convertible boat in the industry,” says Steve Gilman, Director of Operations at FLOE CRAFT.
This vessel is also easy and fun to maneuver, thanks to elements like the joystick system that enables anyone to dock like an old hand.
The liveability and comfort factor is ramped up thanks to the 39-and-a-half-foot unideck open floor plan that includes a galley, spacious seating, and a state room with a stand-up shower and porcelain toilet.
The inverted V tunnel hull boasts shallow draft for easy beaching and very low drag for quick planing and fuel efficient performance, ensuring that everyone will enjoy one fun ride.
The FLOE CRAFT also has easy boarding options whether you’re climbing aboard from the dock, beach or water. There are also retractable ladders located in the bow and stern.
And finally, meeting the standards of the sixth goal, this incredible boat includes finishing touches like solid walnut cabinetry and accents, Soft Touch vinyls, and a premium four-zone marine stereo system to make sure it’s a place where anyone would be happy spending as much time as they could possibly get onboard.
Following this vision, years of detailed product design, a brand-new factory and equipment, and five years of testing with three fully-functional prototype boats, the all-new FLOE CRAFT is ready to be revealed soon. If you can’t wait in the meantime and you need an in-depth sneak peek as the very first boat becomes a reality, make sure to follow FLOE CRAFT’s Facebook page here!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Aluminum Docks Are an Easy Alternative

Aluminum Docks Are an Easy Alternative

Installing a dock doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Our aluminum docks make installing docks simple for any situation. Both lightweight and incredibly rugged, these docks are a great maintenance-free  solution for your shore-front.
If your water level is constantly changing, our self-leveling floating docks can give you a firm footing. It doesn’t matter how deep your body of water or how soft the lake bottom may be—our modular floating dock systems are an excellent addition to any pier.
Sectional docks are a great solution for shorelines with limited space, hills or landscape features not suited for our roll-in docks.   Our sectional docks allow for compact storage, easy assembly and breakdown . You can quickly add or disconnect sections without even using tools! It’s easy to level each section of the dock separately from the top side with a cordless drill.
For the easiest installation of all, our roll-in docks provide great stability and easy installation. Our easy-level system provides top side leveling without getting wet.  Not only is our roll-in dock design easy to use, it also provides a gorgeous shore-front appeal.

For three decades, FLOE has been the benchmark for the dock and boat lift industries. Learn more about the quality features and components of FLOE’s aluminum docks and boat lift selection at today.